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May 19th 2020

Indian sweet boxes

Indian sweet boxes

Making an Indian sweet box doesn’t involve a whole lot of steps. You merely need to: 1.Outline how the sweet box should look.2.Choose a few Indian sweets.3.Acquire all the materials and selected swe … read more

Seer Bakshanam Paruppu Thengai

What is Paruppu Thengai ?Paruppu thengai is a south indian traditional sweet (pair of cones) that is made for special and auspicious occasions such as marriage, grahaprevesam, upanayanam, seemantham a … read more

BEST site to order indian sweets online USA

If you are looking for delicious, authentic and fresh indian sweets online, you have come to the right place. We deliver south indian sweets from india delivered to your doorstep in USA within 2-3 bus … read more