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  • Do you really want to try out the sweet called Badusha but unsure about how it will taste? Let us help you learn more about this delectable sweet. Badusha which is also called as Balushahi in North is a classic sweet of India. 
    Badusha is a traditional south indian desert. It has a moist and flaky interior and sugary exterior. Try this delightful and delicious sweet from Grand Sweets and Snacks. 
    The golden brown balls are puffy and carry a sugar dried and flaky exterior. The interior is a succulent one! Also, if you want your relatives from USA to taste it too, you can ship the sweet packets with help of online stores. Badusha online is readily accessible these days. Amidst the various sweet products, this one is a special one because of its unique taste. Buy it today.

    Vegetarian | Best Before 12 Days From Date of Packing | Store In An Air Tight Container
    INGREDIENTS: Maida, Ghee, Almonds, Sugar, Water
    SERVING/RECIPES: About 4-6 pieces in 250 gms packet
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