10 Most popular traditional south indian sweets and snacks you must try

10 Most popular traditional south indian sweets and snacks you must try

Posted by 24Chakra on Feb 10th 2021

Indian sweets are popularly known in India and are relished on any occasion. Be it a festival, Puja, or a gathering of friends, the mouthwatering Indian, and south Indian snacks and sweets allow you to enjoy intriguing cuisines. So, if you are in USA and love Indian Sweets, get ready for a delicious Indian Cuisine ride. At 24 Chakra, we offer the best quality Indian sweets online USA for all the south Indian sweets and snacks lovers in USA. India is globally famous for its rich culture and diverse cuisines. No one can beat the taste of Indian desserts made from a whole lot of pure ingredients. These sweets are fully loaded with milk, cardamom, nuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, and walnuts. Let’s take a look at these fantastic Indian sweets in USA that you must try to satisfy your cravings.

Kai Murukku

This tricky to make, delicious and classic recipe can be a part of your festive treats Indian sweet boxes. It’s beautiful and craft giving you a treat for the eye besides being delicious. Indians have loved Kai Murukku for ages. You can get Indian snacks online like this one at 24 Chakra. Like other sweets, you can enjoy these snacks with tea as you sit down to relax and read your favorite books with hot sips of chai. Also, there is a wide variety of Indian sweets online USA if you are in USA and looking to buy online sweets. 24 Chakra is the sweet shop online to satisfy your cravings.

Boondi Laddu

Boondi Ka Laddo is a round, yellow-colored ball-shaped sweet loved by Indians on the days of Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and other celebrations. The sweet is made with chickpea flour, flavored with cashews, and loaded with saffron, raisins, and cardamom. Indians love this festive sweet and has become a part of grand sweets USA loved by every Indian. Laddus are always high in demand during the celebrations. At 24 Chakra, you can buy Indian sweets online USA for different festive events too. For instance, you will find delicious sweets in Diwali sweet boxes enjoy shopping south indian sweets online usa


Jalebi is one of the most loved Indian sweets prepared with all-purpose flour batter and fried. The sweet is then dipped in syrup being amazingly exotic. Jalebi is famous in Asian as well as African countries and is known with many other names like Jilabi, Jeri, and Jilebi. This sweet is healthy and so tasty. Its origins can be traced back to the middle east. The flour, curd, food color, oil, sugar, and water collectively make a sweet and sour fusion while rose water and saffron build up the sweet and delicious taste. At 24 Chakra, you can order Indian sweets the online USA so that you can have amazing festive treats no matter even if you’re not in India.

Sri Krishna Mysorepak

Mysore Pak is one of the most popular south Indian sweet. The Sri Krishna Mysorepak sweet is soft and melts in your mouth. It is known to be originated from Mysore palace during the reign of Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar. The Mysorepak is slightly brown and yellow. Its made from flour and sugar and is immersed in ghee. Also, this delicious sweet is flavored with spice essence like cardamon, honey, and rose water. If you love Mysore Pak but live in USA, don’t fret, 24 Chakra allows you to get south Indian sweets online USA. 24 Chakra has a great variety of south Indian sweets online in USA for Indian sweet lovers.


Maladdu is one of the most renowned sweets in India and is traditionally shaped like a circle. The sweet is considered as a the best during special events and festivals. Maladdu is made with roasted gram fried in low flame. You will find the presence of this Indian sweet on many occasions. You can buy online sweets and add to fun of your festivals. The sweet comes cooked with ghee, ground with sugar, and mixed with cashew and cardamom. This smooth and delicious satisfies your cravings and provides maximum glee if you love sweets. If you’re in the USA, you can order sweets online at 24 Chakra. It is among the favorite south indian sweets online, and you will find it in Diwali sweet boxes.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets

These traditional recipes retain the exceptional flavor of Madras mixture. It comes loaded with cashew, groundnuts, and a lot more ingredients fried in fresh oil. These include the mouth melting Sri Krishna sweets. South Indian sweets online usa at 24 Chakra consists of the best Sri Krishna sweets cooked in purest ingredients with unique techniques. In addition to sweets, you can buy Indian snacks online, and Ambika Appalam depot brands online allow you to enjoy high-quality snacks ready to fry and cooked with the finest ingredients. At 24 Chakra, you will find the best Grand Indian snacks to attack. These crunchy snacks are all you need to enjoy your tea with. So, don’t let your life be boring without snacks, and do Indian snacks online shopping at 24 Chakra. You can trust 24 Chakra for quality sweet and savory Indian snacks online. We’re passing on this rich sweet tradition, and you can trust us for indian sweets delivery in USA.

Nuts and Pakoda

The south Indian snacks are super-rich with the finest ingredients and a perfect way to serve at a party. The pakoda is the famous south Indian snack and perfect when you are hungry for some crunchy snacks with a cup of tea. So, don’t wait and get crunchy and tasty nuts and Indian snacks online at 24 Chakra. Also, you can get Indian sweets in USA at 24 Chakra.

Tirunelveli Halwa

The Tirunelveli Halwa is a quick fix for satiating your sweet tooth. This Indian sweet is a dense sweet confection popular across south Asia, Central Asia, and many other regions. This halwa is loaded with delicious tastes and melting properties. It is one of the best Indian sweets with a unique recipe and is made up using wheat flour, pure ghee, sugar, and cashews. The dates are combined with cashew nuts and cardamom and are a perfect treat for a healthy cheat day treat. If you live in USA and love Indian halwa sweets, you can buy Indian sweets the online USA from 24 Chakra.

Ellu Urandai

The Jaggery Laddu is a famous festival dessert that gives a highly delightful experience as it goes in your mouth. This sweet is the best choice when it comes to festival celebrations. It combines a mixture of sesame seeds, groundnut, and jaggery syrup. The sweet is great for a healthy weight gain. It comes with a unique flaky texture and a great taste. 24 Chakra sells the best Indian sweets in USA for all the Indian Sweets lovers out there. So, don’t keep waiting and order Indian sweets online now!

Kaju Katli and Badam Katli

Kaju katli is one of the most popular Indian sweet dishes. It is a cashew-rich sweet that is incredibly healthy. It is chilled and enjoyed at several festivals and special occasions. Similarly, Badam Katli is a delicious Indian sweet made with almonds. It is prepared with almond powder, almond paste, sugar, saffron, and cardamom. If you are an Indian Sweets lover and love to eat mouthwatering Indian desserts, you can order Indian sweets the online USA at 24 Chakra.

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No Indian celebration is complete without Indian sweet boxes. Indian Sweets are further broken down into hundreds of different types of sweets from ladoo, barfi, gulab jamun, and much more. E it a wedding, celebratory event, birthday party, or birth of a baby, mithai is essential, and we understand the significance of Indian Sweets at 24 Chakra. All the ingredients used to make these delicious Indian sweets are made with purest and ‘’sattvic’’ ingredients. 24 Chakra keeps the old tradition alive with the sweets created to be served at times of celebration. Choose us for the tastiest Indian sweet boxes and serve these sweets to your guests to appreciate attending a joyous event. Just one bite and the fragrant and exotic Indian desserts become your craving, particularly at festive occasions like Diwali, karwa chauth, wedding ceremonies, and others. If you’re an Indian and have a sweet tooth, 24 Chakra has a wide variety of Indian sweets in the USA to satisfy your craving for delicious desserts. So, don’t keep waiting and order Indian sweets the online USA at 24 Chakra. 

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