Seer Bakshanam Paruppu Thengai

What is Paruppu Thengai ?

Paruppu thengai is a south indian traditional sweet (pair of cones) that is made for special and auspicious occasions such as marriage, grahaprevesam, upanayanam, seemantham and more. They are usually ordered in pairs signifying male and female.  They are commonly referred to as seer koodu or paruppu thengai koodu. The cone symbolizes mountain of happiness for the auspicious occasion.

Seemantham Sweets (baby shower traditional ceremony)

Seemantham is a traditional ritual ceremony performed at the birth of a child. A plate of traditional seemantham sweets are usually gifted by the bride's family for the event. Some of the popular mix of seemantham sweets include:

- Kai (hand) Murukku (7 rounds of kai murruku)

- Paruppu Thengai (2 cones) - Manoharam or cashew or groundnut or boondhi laddu

- Sweet Appam(11)

- Sweet seer Adhirasam  (11)

- Sweet seer bondhi laddu (11)

Popular brands like krishna sweets, grand sweets carry these seer bakshanam or seemantham sweets that are traditional and authentic.